Elementor #631

There is a new fad, called ‘dopamine fasting’. Like most urban legends, the premise of dopamine fasting differs depending on who tells the story. The core idea is that ‘dopamine hits’ govern human behaviour. If you avoid ‘dopamine hits’ for long enough, you’ll break this supposed addiction, and gain increased control over your life. While […]

Dealing with Perceived Failure

Most people feel like failures from time to time. It’s a debilitating feeling, and the cure—a sense of competence—often feels out of reach. In this article, we’ll be exploring competence, a basic psychological need that has lots of implications for your mental health and wellbeing. One of the reasons that I think about competence, is […]

Overcoming loneliness

understanding loneliness

This article discusses why people feel lonely, and gives evidence-based solutions for loneliness (that are valid during a pandemic). If you’re short on time, the main takeaways of the article are discussed at the end of the article. Before we get into it, my name is Dr. Cody Phillips – I have a Ph.D. in Human-Computer […]

Skill Development for Gamers

This article contains actionable and empirically validated techniques for practicing skills more efficiently. Some of these techniques can be applied to learning skills in games. By using these techniques, you’ll learn skills faster and have more time to unwind by playing games. I’ve included a bullet-point summary of the main takeaways at the end of the article.

Stop Procrastinating: A Quick Guide for Gamers

Before you think “I’ll read this later” – if you’re a gamer who procrastinates, skim to the bullet point summary at the end. The article is a highlight reel covering the main reason why gamers procrastinate, and how to overcome it.

Games are the Soil for Growth

I recently read thousands of reviews for the game Stardew Valley. I was trying to relive a feeling that I’ve been chasing since the game came out. The game gives you a rich sense of nostalgia, and amidst the quaint and simplistic life of a homesteader, you find yourself being ultra-productive.

Reading through the reviews helped me to better conceptualize the number of people who have benefited from playing Stardew Valley. It definitely earned its ‘overwhelmingly positive’ review score, and I can absolutely understand why over 160,000 people have taken the time to write it a Steam review. Many people praise the game as a fun, wholesome and therapeutic experience. I think this idea of the game being therapeutic really resonates with me, because it certainly helped me during a difficult stage of my Ph.D.