About SelfRespec

At its core, SelfRespec is a platform for gamers who want to build discipline and pursue personal growth. The community is run by Dr. Cody Phillips, who has a Ph.D. in Computer-Human Interaction and investigates the impact of video games on players’ lives. The budding community exists to share our stories and to support each other with personal development. 

Community Pillars

1. There is no level cap

Wherever you are in life, things can always be better, and things can always be worse. We should take stock of where we’re at, and challenge ourselves to aim upwards. Day to day life won’t resemble the transformative gains of a training montage, but slow and consistent growth means that you’re always within reach of new heights. We should always aim to gain at least a little bit of experience every day.

2. All that glitters is not gold

Being rich and famous is not the goal of personal development – happiness, wellness and fulfilment are. Anything that is adding to your happiness, wellness and fulfilment is worthwhile. Anything that is subtracting from your happiness, wellness and fulfilment should be critically examined.

3. Games can be the soil for growth

Games and play can enrich our lives. We should build healthy habits around playing games to ensure that we’re having positive experiences. We should be mindful of why we want to play and continuously examine what value we’re getting out of playing.

4. Co-op is more fun

Life is at its best when you are collaborating with other people that you know and trust. When you band together, you can take on more challenging problems. While it’s okay to seek solitude from time to time, forging connections is important for personal fulfillment, and it helps make the world more meaningful.

5. Doubt is the beginning, not the end, of wisdom

There are many popular beliefs that don’t hold true when scrutinized. You are encouraged to doubt popular narratives, especially if they are not consistent with your lived experience. We should aim to discuss and provide an evidence base for our beliefs. Our views should adapt when presented with new evidence rather than being ideologically fixed.

Join Us

If you agree with these core pillars, we welcome you to join the SelfRespec community